REIKI = Universal life energy

Reiki is a spiritual path independent on faiths and churches which leads men to harmony with itself and to unity with nature. Reiki is an old natural healing method that activates self-healing potential of human being. Reiki energy is transmitted by hands touches. Reiki works upon physical, psychical and spiritual levels, cure tensions, blockages and give people feeling of contentedness and harmony. Reiki treatment is available for all age groups, and especially is suitable for diabetes, multiple sclerosis, brain stroke, injuries, lethargy, stress, exhaustion, depression, postoperative stages, immunity dysfunctions, throes and helps dying easy.

Dr. Mikao Usui   Dr. Chujiro Hayashi   Hawayo Takata   Phyllis Lei Furomoto

GM Phyllis Lei Furumoto: "Nine elements for traditional Reiki Masters" (PDF)

With Reiki Grand Master Phyllis Lei Furumoto and Mgr. Hana-Tereza Bolckova on the Meeting of Traditional Reiki Masters, Denmark, April 2005

The Meeting of Traditional Reiki Masters, Netherlands, May 2007

The Meeting of Traditional Reiki Masters, Polen,April-May 2009

The Letter from Phyllis Lei Furumoto

Tomb of Dr. Mikao Usui - specification

Master gathering